My stepbrother, My escort.




A romantic comedy that puts the “fun” in dysfunctional family.
Rising actress Lowell Barton has problems… lots of them.
One night, she tries to solve them with margaritas… lots of them. Unfortunately, she throws them up all over a police officer’s shoes. And then a video of the incident shows up all over the Internet.
Now she needs to do damage control. Fast. What she needs is a story juicy enough to throw the press off. A new boyfriend—a perfect, smoking hot new boyfriend—that’d be just the thing.
Unfortunately, it’s just the thing she doesn’t have.
Deciding to throw caution to the wind and money at her mounting problems, Lowell hires a date. But when sexy escort Kyle Richards steps out of her past and onto her doorstep, she finds herself in a fresh hell she couldn’t have even imagined.
Is he the stepbrother-escort from hell, or just the thing to save her career—and herself?
Lowell’s about to find out. One thing she knows for sure: only desperate times call for measures this desperate.

Lowell is a beautiful actress who has her life normally under strict rules, but the one time she lets go and gets a little drunk with a friend, she ends up doing something that changes her life forever. Kyle is a cock sure man who after being cut off from his fathers money has took to being an escort, he is the only one that is able to help Lowell turn her life back round, easy right?

We get insight into their background at the time when Lowell’s mum and Kyle’s dad marry, but the marriage is short lived and only lasts for four years. This was eight years ago, so the whole thing where everyone is still hung up on them being step-siblings seems a bit far fetched really.

I don’t know what my feelings are for the characters, I didn’t feel overly connected with them, I found Lowell to be quite annoying at times, and Kyle’s cockiness was getting a tad boring.


I wasn’t overly keen on the story line either, and I did feel like stopping reading at about 40% through the book, however I carried on and read to the end, but I still felt pretty ‘meh’ about the whole book.