Family values.




Angelina Flores lived a perfect ranch-kid childhood, complete with three princes on horseback who treated their housekeeper’s daughter like a princess. At age eighteen, the fairytale came crashing down when she realized she had to choose between Brand, Nate and Eli McAffee. And when she did choose one—she lost all three. She’s older now. Wiser, thanks to her college education and a few years’ distance. A distance she’d planned to maintain…until her mother begs her to fill in at the ranch while she takes care of a sick relative. The minute her boots hit the front porch, the memories come flooding back, right along with the hunger. It’s tough to put the past behind her when temptation is so close. Especially since the brothers seem bound and determined to woo her. Separately. Together. Whatever it takes to keep her right where she belongs—in their arms.


Angelina has always loved the three brothers, but after sleeping with one, and one of the other two walking in on them, he ships her off to college. Now she is back after her mother has called her and asked her to come and look after the three brothers (this is just a ruse to get her to come back for them). 

At first she is a little hesitant to be back in the house that she once considered her home. She doesn’t realise that all three of them are still deeply in love with her, and are desperate to make her realise their four way relationship would work.

I did find it a little strange that her mother had so much to do with their four-way relationship, I would be a little weirded out if I found out that it was my mother that actually got me into a relationship with three brothers. However, this is just my personal opinion.


This is a very short read, but there is quite a lot of story in this very short story, which I found fairly interesting. 

The story line was a pretty good one, I found it fun reading the different ways the brothers tried to ‘woo’ her. Brand is the oldest, quiet but very protective brother, Nate is the playboy of the three who flirts openly with her, Eli is the gentle, romantic one.

Overall, a very quick smutty read with three hunky males.



Stepbrother’s Rules.

Stepbrothers rules


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LuAnn’s had a crush on her older, rebellious stepbrother since the year he lived with them—his last year of high school. Now, four weeks before graduating from Sarah Wharton Women’s College, she’s been kicked out for having boys in her dormitory, and he’s the one who shows up to collect her. With her parents away in Europe, he brings her to his place, because leaving a young woman unchaperoned isn’t done in 1957.
Brad makes it clear she is not to emulate the wild behavior of his youth, and he starts things out with a long, bare-bottomed punishment. Soon, though, he discovers his stepsister is all grown up, and having her under his authority makes her a temptation too delicious to resist. Before long, he’s strayed way past what is acceptable, turning her into his little girl and bringing her to the peaks of pleasure during her numerous punishments. LuAnn brings out the dominant side of him, but with it comes the desire to take care of her and nurture the sweet innocence she’s been trying to cover up. He wants her for keeps, which means risking their parents’ disapproval and leaving his rebellious side behind forever.

LuAnn is a rule breaker on the outside, but is actually a sweet and innocent girl on the inside, who has always fancied her older step brother. She gets kicked out of the dorms where she goes to school, but she doesn’t want to trouble her dad who is on holiday, and since she is only a month away from graduating, she asks if she can stay with Brad.

This is where their story starts, at first Brad tries to keep the relationship platonic, but with spanking LuAnn, his desire gets uncontrollable and soon they start exploring a more interment relationship.

The spankings are very kinky, he is definitely a dominant, and LuAnn soon becomes his submissive. He clearly spanks her to show her that he is in charge, and gets her to call him Daddy.


I find the whole thing about getting her to call him daddy a bit off putting (this is just a personal thing) I don’t really find it a turn on.

However, it didn’t put me off the book, and I actually did really like it. The story is based in the 50’s, which made it more realistic that he would use spanking for a way to show dominance

As the story progresses, they get less and less concerned with what their parent’s and society think, and they start accepting that they really want to be together forever.

Overall, a very sensuous read, and I loved every page of it! 

I married a billionaire.



Maddy Wainright has given up on marriage – and men. After dating way too many losers who aren’t capable of appreciating her for who she is, she’s about ready to resign herself to a life of spinsterhood. Until her insanely rich boss Daniel Thorne comes along with an offer she simply can’t refuse. He proposes a marriage of convenience – one that would allow Maddy to live in the lap of luxury for a year, and Mr. Thorne to stay in the country that has become his home. At the end of their arrangement, Maddy will walk away with a cool two million dollars. All she has to do is move into his mansion, put on a convincing show in public, and endure a few INS interviews, for which she will be thoroughly prepped. It’s a big risk, but one Maddy might just be willing to take, considering the payoff. At first, it’s all business. But when the gentle touches, passionate kisses, and lingering looks they have to give each other in public start spilling over into their private life, Daniel and his devious mind take Maddy to heights of pleasure she’s never experienced. And the more she gets to know him, the more she feels that wistful tug in her chest every time he puts his arm around her in public. Before long, she finds herself wishing it were real. As time goes on, Maddy finds herself wondering if two million dollars will be enough to cover the cost of repairing a broken heart. But Mr. Thorne may have yet another secret in store…

The marriage starts off as a business contract, when Daniel calls Maddy into his office and asks her if she would be willing to marry him for the sake of him being able to stay in the country.

I find this story line plot to be a little bit far fetched really, however it was very original, I have never read a book with this sort of story line to it. Maddy doesn’t really take a long time to accept the proposal, I think it was just over a week, which I found to be unconvincing.

The time lines of the story line seem very realistic, which left me feeling a little confused, and some parts of the story weren’t very well described, with massive parts (of what I feel should have been in there) missing. I would have loved to have read a bit more about their honeymoon.

The characters didn’t really seem very likable to me, and I couldn’t get connected to them. They didn’t really seem to connect sexually or just generally really, which I hate in books, I love to feel like the characters have a massive connection with each other.

I didn’t like Daniel, he had an awful attitude towards Maddy, but she also allowed herself to be used in a certain respect.

I think it’s stupid that they tried to keep things un-personal, however he still expects them to be sharing a bed, how do you expect to keep it un-personal if you are both sharing the same bed? I have no idea.

The sexual scenes sounded promising, but they was only mediocre for my tastes, and since they didn’t have a connection, it just felt awkward.

Overall, really not one of my favourite books ever, but it was a short read, so I can’t complain that I wasted too much time on it.


My stepbrother, My escort.




A romantic comedy that puts the “fun” in dysfunctional family.
Rising actress Lowell Barton has problems… lots of them.
One night, she tries to solve them with margaritas… lots of them. Unfortunately, she throws them up all over a police officer’s shoes. And then a video of the incident shows up all over the Internet.
Now she needs to do damage control. Fast. What she needs is a story juicy enough to throw the press off. A new boyfriend—a perfect, smoking hot new boyfriend—that’d be just the thing.
Unfortunately, it’s just the thing she doesn’t have.
Deciding to throw caution to the wind and money at her mounting problems, Lowell hires a date. But when sexy escort Kyle Richards steps out of her past and onto her doorstep, she finds herself in a fresh hell she couldn’t have even imagined.
Is he the stepbrother-escort from hell, or just the thing to save her career—and herself?
Lowell’s about to find out. One thing she knows for sure: only desperate times call for measures this desperate.

Lowell is a beautiful actress who has her life normally under strict rules, but the one time she lets go and gets a little drunk with a friend, she ends up doing something that changes her life forever. Kyle is a cock sure man who after being cut off from his fathers money has took to being an escort, he is the only one that is able to help Lowell turn her life back round, easy right?

We get insight into their background at the time when Lowell’s mum and Kyle’s dad marry, but the marriage is short lived and only lasts for four years. This was eight years ago, so the whole thing where everyone is still hung up on them being step-siblings seems a bit far fetched really.

I don’t know what my feelings are for the characters, I didn’t feel overly connected with them, I found Lowell to be quite annoying at times, and Kyle’s cockiness was getting a tad boring.


I wasn’t overly keen on the story line either, and I did feel like stopping reading at about 40% through the book, however I carried on and read to the end, but I still felt pretty ‘meh’ about the whole book.




My name is Leila. I moved to New York City for a great internship opportunity but unfortunately it costs a fortune to live there. So I had to find a roommate. The best one I could find was Dane. Tattooed. Male Whore. And annoying. But he had the money to pay half the rent. My only problem? He wants more than just being my roommate…
I’m Dane and I don’t have feelings for women. They are just there to get me off. Yeah, I’m a dick and don’t care. Unfortunately when I start rooming with Leila she doesn’t have time to deal with my sh*t. That’s not the biggest problem though. She won’t f*ck me. I finally met my match…

Dane is a typical macho man who loves the ladies. Leila is a little bit of a naive but smart girl. They meet when Leila needs a room mate, she is really reluctant to give him the room since he goes against everything she lives for, since she is a little bit of loner.

Dane has a regular girl who he sees casually who they finally say they want to be together, but on the exact same day that they tell each other they want to be together, he realises after telling her this that he actually loves Leila, its not all celebrations when he goes to tell her because he walks in on her and her friend Mike kissing.

I did find that they didn’t really seem to connect with me really, other than the fact Dane seems to like any type of woman, and Leila has just not been with anyone for a very long time. They seem to say they love each other after only really speaking too each other a handful of times (literally) – this is very unrealistic to me.


Overall, I am really not sure what I felt about this book, I had very mixed feelings about it. I wish I could have connected with the characters because the story line had a lot of potential.




Angie is a virgin who is blissfully unaware of who her boyfriend really is, until Gavin reveals what he’s really like. Angie and Gavin meet after Angie’s friend has talked her into going out and trying to get a one night stand and she gets taken back to Gavin’s place but she can’t go along with it and ends up leaving, it isn’t until her mother’s other half and his son come to dinner, that she realises her soon to be step-brother is the man she nearly slept with.


I love the banter between the two of the characters, it really sets the scene for how their relationship is between the two of them. Their attraction is undeniable, I did find Gavin’s attitude to be a bit annoying at the start, but I did start to like him in the end. Angie seems a bit naive some times, but she soon loses her naivety.

I found the connection between the two when they was having ‘relations’ that their was a big spark between them, and the way he was very gentle with her, what with her being a virgin was quite sweet.


Overall, a very steamy book which mostly focuses on them on a cruise, a very worthy read. 😉



It’s a dirty job, but someone’s got to do him. One night only. No promises, no regrets. He was rich, ripped, inked up, and gone in the morning. I didn’t even know his name. Not until I read it off the door on my first day at work. See, I don’t do bad boys, I don’t do troublemakers and I sure as heck didn’t graduate college with a 3.9 GPA by screwing around. I was never supposed to see him again, but now he’s my new boss, as sexy in a suit as he was between my sheets. And my new stepbrother. Having him was a slice of Heaven. Working for him could mean selling my soul. But if the devil looks like Declan Riordan, Hell might be worth the burn.

Declan is a macho handsome man who is used to every woman he sees drop everything and pay attention to him when they first meet, but he has met his match with Claire, he is the one that likes to be in control, but she knows his games and is just as stubborn and strong willed as him.

I loved the budding romance between them, the love/hate relationship at first when they first start working together is hilarious. The playful way they are together, the pranks they pull on each other, and I actually found myself laughing out loud to myself a lot of the time.


I thought I would find the whole stepbrother/stepsister scenario pretty weird, however there really isn’t much talk about his dad and her mum’s relationship in much of the book, so you kind of forget they are supposed to be step siblings and just think of them as a normal couple.

This is the first book that I have read of the author, and I am really looking forward to reading more books by her, the whole of the story line was very gripping and I loved both of the characters. I got engrossed in this very sweet, steamy romance the minute I started reading.