The escort next door.

The escort next door

Julia has the seemingly perfect family; a successful husband and three wonderful kids. From the outside all seems well, but behind closed doors things are anything but ordinary. Julia’s marriage has become distant and she finds stunning evidence about her husband’s actions on his business trips. Julia wants to escape and decides to make a decision that will change her life forever.

The escort next door involves a lonely housewife who has just found that her husband has been cheating when he has been going on ‘business’ trips. This floors Julia and she is devastated, she rings her best friend who tells her that she needs to get a job and move on, without many job prospects, her friend suggests stripping, however Julia is not keen on this and thinks about escorting instead, and she finds the experience very exhilarating and loved it.

I found the story very fast paced, one minute she found out that her husband was cheating and then she’s having sex with a rich guy without really much story in between. Crazy fast.


Some of the story does seem a bit unnerving in my personal opinion, like the part where he husband has forced himself onto her, but she doesn’t class it as rape because she never said no, I didn’t like this addition in the book, I think this sends a negative message out.

However that being said, overall I didn’t mind the book, it did seem a bit samey like many other books in the category, but the writing style was very good and it was a pretty good read.

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Julia’s character was likable, I didn’t really feel very connected with her, and I think some of the choices she made wasn’t the best, but she was still a likable woman.

Overall, an OK book, not something that I think I would read again, but it was a quick read.