My name is Leila. I moved to New York City for a great internship opportunity but unfortunately it costs a fortune to live there. So I had to find a roommate. The best one I could find was Dane. Tattooed. Male Whore. And annoying. But he had the money to pay half the rent. My only problem? He wants more than just being my roommate…
I’m Dane and I don’t have feelings for women. They are just there to get me off. Yeah, I’m a dick and don’t care. Unfortunately when I start rooming with Leila she doesn’t have time to deal with my sh*t. That’s not the biggest problem though. She won’t f*ck me. I finally met my match…

Dane is a typical macho man who loves the ladies. Leila is a little bit of a naive but smart girl. They meet when Leila needs a room mate, she is really reluctant to give him the room since he goes against everything she lives for, since she is a little bit of loner.

Dane has a regular girl who he sees casually who they finally say they want to be together, but on the exact same day that they tell each other they want to be together, he realises after telling her this that he actually loves Leila, its not all celebrations when he goes to tell her because he walks in on her and her friend Mike kissing.

I did find that they didn’t really seem to connect with me really, other than the fact Dane seems to like any type of woman, and Leila has just not been with anyone for a very long time. They seem to say they love each other after only really speaking too each other a handful of times (literally) – this is very unrealistic to me.


Overall, I am really not sure what I felt about this book, I had very mixed feelings about it. I wish I could have connected with the characters because the story line had a lot of potential.