Yummy addictions.




Valentina “Vale” Zamora is a twenty-eight-year-old executive with a global travel wholesaler and fresh out of a contentious and unfulfilling marriage in which her ex-husband left her for a stripper. Slowly piecing her shattered self-esteem back together, she jets off to Paris in search of some retail therapy and, if she’s lucky, a steamy distraction to bring her some sexual excitement—and maybe even some life insight. Sex is definitely on her mind, but a relationship is not. So when she finds herself sitting on the flight next to a mysterious and sultry self-made millionaire, her heart races and her body tingles like never before. A mutual attraction quickly emerges, and after a steamy in-flight make-out session, Vale decides to pursue him as her sexual tutor. An erotic escapade unfolds against the backdrop of Paris, but will their unbridled lust be a tragic error in judgment, or will it be the beginning of a deep and lasting love?

Yummy addictions is a steamy romance between Vale and Jason, with lots of sweet romance, erotic and humour. I found there was a brilliant balance between humour which actually made me laugh out loud and steamy eroctia.

Vale is a voluptuous cuban, who’s self esteem has been ruined by her horrible ex, and Jason is a charming millionaire who loves everything about Vale.

I found both characters to be very likable, their connection was instant, even if Vale couldn’t remember who he was at first. I loved all the little sweet gestures that he done for her.

The ending is a little bit of a cliff hanger, and it really makes me want to find out what happened after they parted ways, but it wasn’t an annoying ending which makes you wanting more.

Overall, a really brilliant read which I would totally recommend.