Every time he leaves.




I’m different now. I won’t be that girl again. I’m in control. I’m the one who’s going to leave him wishing he’d given me his everything when he had the chance… Lana Raeven and Jarek Dean shared a night of passion, but the next morning, she woke up alone. Nine years later, Lana works as a successful event coordinator for a prestigious company. Bold and confident in every area but love, she hasn’t ever recovered from Jarek’s abandonment. However, a chance encounter with her former lover grants her an opportunity to take back her power. Rather than chastising him for his cruelty, she plays unfazed and invites him back into her life. Using her ingenuity and sensuality as weapons, she draws him in with the intention of destroying him as he once destroyed her. But her plan for revenge isn’t as simple as she initially believed, for the more time she spends with Jarek, the more she’s reminded of why she loved him. And if she isn’t careful, she could lose him all over again.

Every time he leaves starts with Lana being at her mum’s party with her two sisters, she’s cleaning up the mess of what her little sister has created. She looks up and she spots a man she thought she would never seen again, and all her feelings come back to haunt her..

I have a guilty pleasure of Erotica books, as long as they have a good story behind them. This book is very well written, the author has done a very good job of writing a book that has very naughty bits in it, but doesn’t make it seem seedy.

The plot of the book is (as I have read and agreed with another reviewer) very much like Cinderella. You have a Mum who is all about the money, doesn’t like acknowledging  the poor, or even really Lana, and then you have the two sisters who are too involved in their own lives to really bother with Lana.

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I found it pretty tough to put myself in Lana’s shoes, because most of the book was just her moaning about the past and trying to convince herself that she shouldn’t be seeing him, and to just give him the boot. Jarek seemed OK to me, you don’t really find out much in the story about him, apart from he being oblivious about how Lana feels about when he left her and her family. I would have loved to have found a little bit more about him.


I found myself getting a little bored after a while with the story, it seemed very repetitive and tedious that I considered giving up reading it. However, I carried on reading, as I did want to find out whether she would finally forgive him for his mistakes.

The story really seemed to pick up near the end, I actually really liked the last part of the book, it seemed that everything was finally coming together and the story was a lot more enjoyable.

This book has everything from love to betrayal. If you like Erotica books, and after a quick read I would recommenced it. I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I felt I should, however it was still readable.