Angie is a virgin who is blissfully unaware of who her boyfriend really is, until Gavin reveals what he’s really like. Angie and Gavin meet after Angie’s friend has talked her into going out and trying to get a one night stand and she gets taken back to Gavin’s place but she can’t go along with it and ends up leaving, it isn’t until her mother’s other half and his son come to dinner, that she realises her soon to be step-brother is the man she nearly slept with.


I love the banter between the two of the characters, it really sets the scene for how their relationship is between the two of them. Their attraction is undeniable, I did find Gavin’s attitude to be a bit annoying at the start, but I did start to like him in the end. Angie seems a bit naive some times, but she soon loses her naivety.

I found the connection between the two when they was having ‘relations’ that their was a big spark between them, and the way he was very gentle with her, what with her being a virgin was quite sweet.


Overall, a very steamy book which mostly focuses on them on a cruise, a very worthy read. 😉



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